Colored nanoparticles: composition and application to protein fibers and hair


In this work, we have developed nanoparticles (medium range 200 nm), that can be fixed to fibers such as protein fibers (wool and hair) by a process that does not need any after treatment. One advantage of using nanoparticles on hair instead of dyes is that dyes can dye the scalp and therefore great care is necessary in the choice of these dyes. Para-phenylenediamine (PPD) has been the main agent used in permanent hair dyes, this compound is an effective hair dye, but his known animal carcinogen and his safety as ingredient used in hair dye has always been the focus of health concern. Related substances to PPD may also cause an allergic reaction: Azo groups (chemically: R-N=N-R) used in temporary hair dyes. Hair dyes are applied directly to the scalp, nearest the root. Color nanoparticles on the other hand do not dye the scalp and therefore present no such danger. At the moment, the dyeing with color nanoparticles on hair still does not have the same durability as dyes to washing, but our results with wool fibers already show that a strong bond can be formed between the nanoparticles and the amine groups, also present in the hair, improving greatly the durability to washing.




Science & Technology - Other Topics


Gomes, J; Sampaio, S; Maia, F

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