Study of strontium doping on the structural and magnetic properties of YMnO3ceramics


Structural and Magnetic properties are investigated for the Sr doped YMnO3samples with different composition synthesized by a solid state reaction method. Sr doped YMnO3is the most distorted perovskite of the RMnO3 series (R=rare earths); the observed sinusoidal magnetic structure is in contrast with those exhibited by the less-distorted members, which are commensurate-type antiferromagnetic structures. A typical anti ferromagnetic (AFM) to paramagnetic (PM) phase transition is observed for the sample with concentration x = 0.12 and the Néel temperature (TN) is about 160 K. With decreasing temperature, the sample with x = 0.12 exhibit a magnetic transition from a paramagnetic (PM) to a ferromagnetic (FM) state. © 2013 VBRI press.


Magnetic properties; Microstructure; Sr doping; YMnO3


Rai R., Coondoo I., Valente M.A., Kholkin A.L.

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Rai, R.; Department of Materials and Ceramics Engineering, CICECO, University of Aveiro, 3810-193 Aveiro, Portugal; email:

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