Ferromagnetic Sorbents Based on Nickel Nanowires for Efficient Uptake of Mercury from Water


This work reports the preparation of ferromagnetic nickel nanowires (NiNW) coated with dithiocarbamate-functionalized siliceous shells and its application for the uptake of aqueous Hg(II) ions by magnetic separation. NiNW with an average diameter and length of 35 nm and 5 mu m, respectively, were firstly prepared by Ni electrodeposition in an anodic aluminum oxide template. The NiNW surfaces were then coated with siliceous shells containing dithiocarbamate groups via a one-step procedure consisting in the alkaline hydrolytic co-condensation of tetraethoxysilane (TEOS) and a siloxydithio-carbamate precursor (SiDTC). A small amount of these new nanoadsorbents (2.5 mg.L-1) removed 99.8% of mercury ions from aqueous solutions with concentration 50 mu g.L-1 and in less than 24 h of contact time. This outstanding removal ability is attributed to the high affinity of the sulfur donor ligands to Hg(II) species combined with the high surface area-to-volume ratio of the NiNW.




Science & Technology - Other Topics; Materials Science


Pinheiro, PC; Tavares, DS; Daniel-da-Silva, AL; Lopes, CB; Pereira, E; Araujo, JP; Sousa, CT; Trindade, T

nossos autores


This work was financed by national funding from FCT (Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia) through the project PTDC/CTM-NAN/120668/2010, by FEDER through program COMPETE, and through FCT/FEDER in the frame of projects Pest-C/CTM/LA0011/2013 and Pest-C/MAR/LA0017/2013. P. C. Pinheiro thanks FCT for the grant SFRH/BD/96731/2013. C. T. Sousa thanks FCT for the grant SFRH/BPD/82010/2011. We thank the RNME (National Electronic Microscopy Network) for microscopy facilities.

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