Synthesis by sol-gel and characterization of strontium titanate powder


A simple alkoxide hydrolysis route of synthesis of fine crystalline strontium titanate powder is developed. The influence of processing conditions (Sr(OH)(2) concentration, stirring time) on the structural and morphological characteristics of the ST powders are presented and analyzed. XRD, SEM and particle size analysis were used to characterize the obtained powders. An average crystallite size is in the range 350-800 nm depending on processing parameters. At the same time ultra fine particles with size of about 60 nm and aggregates with size of about 2 mum were observed. The thermal behavior of powders was analyzed by TGA-DTA and dilatometry. Shrinkage started at 900 degreesC and optimum sintering temperature was achieved similar to1100 degreesC.




Materials Science


Tkach, A; Vilarinho, PM; Avdeev, M; Kholkin, AL; Baptista, JL

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