Nanoscale analysis of dispersive ferroelectric domains in bulk of hexagonal multiferroic ceramics
authors Baghizadeh, A; Vieira, JM; Stroppa, DG; Willinger, MG; Amaral, VS
nationality International
author keywords Ferroelectric domains; Aberration corrected STEM; Defective lattices; Multiferroic oxides
abstract The atomic nature of topologically protected ferroelectric (FE) walls in hexagonal ReMnO3 oxides (R: Sc, Y, Er, Ho, Yb, Lu) creates an interesting playground to study effects of defects on domain walls. The 6-fold FE vortices in this multiferroic family lose the ordering by the rule of 6 in the presence of partial edge dislocations (PED) besides it can be modified by chemical doping. Therefore, it is essential to comprehend the cross coupling of FE walls and defects or vacancies in the lattice of multiferroics. Atomic resolution STEM is used to explore the correlative response of electrical polarization of FE domains in the presence of defects in multiferroic ceramics. Such level of resolution also allows the study of switching of FE domains on encounter of lattice defects. The driving force behind appearance of dispersed, small FE domains in images of piezo force microscopy is revealed by observation of lattice defects and FE boundaries simultaneously at the nano-scale. Planar defects and FE domain walls play their role of internal interfaces consequently such interplaying duly modifies the magnetic and FE properties of multiferroic oxides.
issn 1044-5803
year published 2018
volume 145
beginning page 347
ending page 352
digital object identifier (doi) 10.1016/j.matchar.2018.08.042
web of science category Materials Science, Multidisciplinary; Metallurgy & Metallurgical Engineering; Materials Science, Characterization & Testing
subject category Materials Science; Metallurgy & Metallurgical Engineering
unique article identifier WOS:000449449200038
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