Polymethylmethacrylate nanoplastics effects on the freshwater cnidarian Hydra viridissima
authors Venancio, C; Savuca, A; Oliveira, M; Martins, MA; Lopes, I
nationality International
author keywords Ecotoxicity assay; Plastics; PMMA; Freshwater; Regeneration; Morphology; Feeding
abstract The current understanding of nanoplastics (NPLs) toxicity to freshwater biota, especially the potential toxic effects of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), remains limited. Thus, the present work intended to add knowledge about the ecotoxicity of similar to 40 nm PMMA-NPLs focusing on lethality, morphology, feeding and regeneration ca-pacity of the freshwater cnidarian Hydra viridissima, after an exposure period of 96 h. Results showed that high concentrations of PMMA-NPLs can impair the survival of H. viridissima, with an estimated 96 h-LC50 of 84.0 mg PMMA-NPLs/L. Several morphological alterations were detected at concentrations below 40 PMMA-NPLs mg/L, namely partial or total loss of tentacles, which, however, did not induce significant alterations on the feeding rates. Morphological alterations not previously reported in the literature were also found after the 96 h exposure, such as double or elbow-like tentacles. Exposure to 40 mg PMMA-NPLs/L significantly impacted hydra regeneration, with organisms exposed to PMMA-NPLs presenting significant slower regeneration rates comparatively to controls, but with no impacts on the feeding rates. Overall, this work highlights the need to assess the effects of NPLs in freshwater biota. Hydra viridissima species was sensitive in a wide range of endpoints showing its value as biological model to study the effects of small plastic particles.
publisher ELSEVIER
issn 0304-3894
isbn 1873-3336
year published 2021
volume 402
digital object identifier (doi) 10.1016/j.jhazmat.2020.123773
web of science category 7
subject category Engineering, Environmental; Environmental Sciences
unique article identifier WOS:000593828900009
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