Efficient Brownian oscillators and nanoheaters based on gallium-doped epsilon-Fe2O3
authors Gu, YY; Silva, NJO; Yoshikiyo, M; Namai, A; Pinol, R; Maurin-Pasturel, G; Cui, YW; Ohkoshi, SI; Millan, A; Martinez, A
nationality International
abstract Wireless actuation at the nanoscale is vital in many contexts, and magnetic fields acting on nanoparticles (NPs) are among the most effective tools when actuation concerns linear forces. However, effective tools to apply torques at the nanoscale are still missing, because NPs where the magnetic moment is strongly coupled to the lattice agglomerate due to their high magnetic moment. Here, we show that gallium-doped epsilon-iron oxide NPs have small interparticle magnetic interactions and huge lattice-coupling for efficiently applying torques at the nanoscale. In this view, they are expected to be useful tools to efficiently apply mechanical forces to induce cellular apoptosis and to discern between mechanical and thermal contributions to cellular apoptosis currently under debate.
issn 1359-7345
isbn 1364-548X
year published 2021
volume 57
issue 18
beginning page 2285
ending page 2288
digital object identifier (doi) 10.1039/d0cc07309a
web of science category 4
subject category Chemistry, Multidisciplinary
unique article identifier WOS:000624194600011
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