Efficient Brownian oscillators and nanoheaters based on gallium-doped epsilon-Fe2O3


Wireless actuation at the nanoscale is vital in many contexts, and magnetic fields acting on nanoparticles (NPs) are among the most effective tools when actuation concerns linear forces. However, effective tools to apply torques at the nanoscale are still missing, because NPs where the magnetic moment is strongly coupled to the lattice agglomerate due to their high magnetic moment. Here, we show that gallium-doped epsilon-iron oxide NPs have small interparticle magnetic interactions and huge lattice-coupling for efficiently applying torques at the nanoscale. In this view, they are expected to be useful tools to efficiently apply mechanical forces to induce cellular apoptosis and to discern between mechanical and thermal contributions to cellular apoptosis currently under debate.


Chemistry, Multidisciplinary


Gu, YY; Silva, NJO; Yoshikiyo, M; Namai, A; Pinol, R; Maurin-Pasturel, G; Cui, YW; Ohkoshi, SI; Millan, A; Martinez, A

nossos autores


Financial support by European Union's Horizon 2020 FET Open program [Grants no: 801305 and 829162] Spanish Ministry of Science Innovation and Universities [Grant no: PGC2018_095795_B_I00], Diputacion General de Aragon [E11/17R], FCT/MEC and co-financed by FEDER [Grants no: P2020-PTDC/CTMNAN-4511-2014, UIDB/50011/2020 and UIDP/50011/2020] and support of the publication fee by the CSIC Open Access Publication Support Initiative (URICI) are gratefully acknowledged. Authors would like to acknowledge the use of Servicio General de Apoyo a la Investigacion-SAI, Universidad de Zaragoza.

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