Polysaccharide-based films of cactus mucilage and agar with antioxidant properties for active food packaging


The production of films derived from renewable resources for food packaging applications is an important research area within the scope of sustainable development. Herein, fully biobased films made from cactus mucilage (CM), extracted from Algerian Opuntia ficus-indica cladodes, and agar (A), extracted from marine red algae, were assembled via solvent film casting method. The effect of agar concentration on the properties of the plasticized CM films (40 wt.% glycerol) was evaluated at three different mass ratios of CM/A, namely 70:30, 60:40 and 50:50. Overall, the results revealed that the polysaccharide-based films exhibited good mechanical properties (Young's modulus >= 135 MPa and tensile strength >= 5.3 MPa) and UVlight protection (transmittance <= 40% (200-400 nm)), as well as thermal stability up to 140 degrees C, low water vapor transmission rate (WVTR <= 10.6 g h(-1) m(-2)) and moderate antioxidant activity (DPPH scavenging >= 19% and ferric reducing antioxidant power >= 1.3 mg AAE per g of film). Following from this, the pliable freestanding CM/A-based films with UV protection, water barrier properties and antioxidant activity can be a low-cost and eco-friendly option for the development of active food packaging materials. [GRAPHICS] .




Polymer Science


Makhloufi, N; Chougui, N; Rezgui, F; Benramdane, E; Silvestre, AJD; Freire, CSR; Vilela, C

nossos autores


This work was developed within the scope of the project CICECO -Aveiro Institute of Materials (UIDB/50011/2020 & UIDP/50011/2020) financed by national funds through the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT)/MCTES. FCT is also acknowledged for the research contracts under Scientific Employment Stimulus to C.S.R.F. (CEECIND/00464/2017) and C.V. (CEECIND/00263/2018). The authors also thank the University of Bejaia and the Direction Generale de la Recherche Scientifique et Developpement Technologique, Algeria, for their support.

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