Influence of voltage amplitude parameters on the electrocaloric response in ferroelectric materials


Direct electrocaloric effect of BaTiO3-based ceramic materials was measured during poling and partial reverse poling using a square-wave electric field. A strong influence of the amplitude of the reverse bias field on the electrocaloric response was found. With increasing amplitude of the reverse bias field, the electrocaloric response was suppressed depending on the coercive field of the material and nature of the ferroelectric-to-paraelectric phase transition.


Materials Science; Physics


Es'kov, AV; Anokhin, AS; Pakhomov, OV; Kholkin, A; Tselev, A; Ondrejkovic, P

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The reported study was funded jointly by RFBR (the research project No. 20-58-26015) and the Czech Science Foundation (project No. 21-19073 J). The equipment of the Ural Center for Shared Use Modern nanotechnology Ural Federal University (Reg. No. 2968) was used with the financial support of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the RF (Project No. 075-15-2021-677).

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