Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors for Reinforcing Bar Slippage Detection and Bond-Slip Gradient Characterization


The detection of bond-slip between the reinforcing bar (RB) and concrete is of great importance to ensure the safety of reinforced concrete (RC) structures. The techniques to monitor the connection between the RB and concrete are in constant development, with special focus on the ones with straightforward operation and simple non-intrusive implementation. In this work, a simple configuration is developed using 10 optical fiber sensors, allowing different sections of the same RC structure to be monitored. Since the RB may suffer different strains along its length, the location of the sensors is critical to provide an early warning about any displacement. Bragg gratings were inscribed in both silica and polymer optical fibers and these devices worked as displacement sensors by monitoring the strain variations on the fibers. The results showed that these sensors can be easily implemented in a civil construction environment, and due to the small dimensions, they can be a non-intrusive technique when multiple sensors are implemented in the same RC structure. © 2022 by the authors.


Pereira L.; Mesquita E.; Alberto N.; Melo J.; Marques C.; Antunes P.; André P.S.; Varum H.

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