Waveguide features in self-patternable amine functionalized organic-inorganic hybrids


We report the use of organic-inorganic sol-gel derived poly(oxyehylene)/siloxane hybrid doped with methacrylic acid modified zirconium (IV) n-propoxide for the fabrication of low cost waveguldes trough direct UV laser writing. The organic-inorganic hybrids were processed as monoliths with size and shape control. The effective guiding region was Identified and the number of modes was estimated via mode field analyses. A grating was successfully superimposed on the channel and the respective reflection spectrum was measured, enabling the determination of the guiding region dimension, the calculation of the effective refractive Index of the guided mode.




Engineering; Optics; Physics


Ferreira, RAS; Andre, PS; Nogueira, R; Vicente, C; Macedo, AG; Maia, LJQ; Carlos, LD; Ribeiro, SJL

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The support of NoE Functionalised Advanced Materials Engineering of Hybrids and Ceramics (FAME) is gratefully acknowledged. This work was also supported by Fundacao para a Ciencia e Tecnologia (Portuguese agency), FEDER and POCI programs under contract POCI/CTM/59075/2004, FAPESP and CNPq (Brazilian agencies) and CAPES-GRICES BrazilPortugal cooperation program, contract BEX 2866/05-6. A. G. Macedo acknowledges the grant from FCT (SFRH/BD/28433/2006).

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