Thermal conductivity of highly porous mullite material


The thermal diffusivity of highly porous mullite materials (35-60 vol.% porosity) has been measured up to 1000 degrees C by the laser flash method. These materials were fabricated by a direct consolidation method based on the swelling properties of starch granules in concentrated aqueous suspensions and showed mainly spherical shaped pores of about 30 pin in diameter. From the point of view of heat conduction, they behave as a bi-phase material of voids dispersed in the continuous mullite matrix. The temperature dependence of thermal conductivity for the different porosities was modeled by a simple equation that considers the contribution to heat conduction of the mullite matrix and the gas inside the pores, as well as the radiation. The thermal conductivity of the matrix was taken from the measurements done in a dense mullite while the conductivity in the voids was assumed to be that of the testing atmosphere. (c) 2005 Acta Materialia Inc. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.




Materials Science; Metallurgy & Metallurgical Engineering


Barea, R; Osendi, MI; Ferreira, JMF; Miranzo, P

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