Specific heat of clustered low dimensional magnetic systems


Homometallic ferrimagnetism is quite difficult to find in Nature, and this fact makes Na2Cu5Si4O14 an interesting material due to its ferrimagnetic arrangement of Cu ions in a zigzag chain with dimers and trimers. In view of this, we developed a theoretical model for the magnetic specific heat of a homometallic ferrimagnet and then compared it with experimental data for Na2Cu5Si4O14 compound. The successful comparison validates the model and further analysis makes it possible to predict anomalous behavior of this low dimensional magnetic system, due to the crossing of the energy levels.






Sreis, MS; dos Santos, AM; Amaral, VS; Souza, AM; Brandao, P; Rocha, J; Tristan, N; Klingeler, R; Buchner, B; Volkova, O; Vasiliev, AN

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