Detection of muconic acid type structures in oxidised lignins using 2D NMR spectroscopy 10(th) EWLP, Stockholm, Sweden, August 25-28, 2008
authors Evtuguin, DV; Rocha, G; Goodfellow, BJ
nationality International
author keywords lignin; muconic acid structures; NMR spectroscopy; oxidation; structural analysis
abstract The identification of muconic acid type structures (MATS) in oxidised lignins employing 2D NMR spectroscopy was carried out. The primary database for MATS detection by single bond H-1-C-13 (HSQC) and long-range H-1-H-1 and H-1-C-13 correlation (COSY and HMBC) NMR experiments was obtained with a series of model compounds: cis, cisand trans, trans-muconic acids and their methylated analogues and MATS derived from monomeric lignin model compounds oxidised by ClO2. Additional information was obtained from the study of oxygen-organosolv lignin obtained from spent liquor after the spruce wood delignification with oxygen in an acetone-water solution. This work allowed the reliable assignment of MATS signals in the HSQC spectra of oxidised lignin and provides a methodology for detection and distinguishing of MATS from structurally similar moieties.
issn 0018-3830
year published 2009
volume 63
issue 6
beginning page 675
ending page 680
digital object identifier (doi) 10.1515/HF.2009.083
web of science category Forestry; Materials Science, Paper & Wood
subject category Forestry; Materials Science
unique article identifier WOS:000271661600005
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