Magnetic peculiarity and crystal structure of Pr0.5Sr0.5Co1-xFexO3


Crystal structure and magnetic properties of the Pr0.5Sr0.5Co1-xFexO3-d are studied to clarify an origin of the magnetic peculiarity observed for Pr0.5Sr0.5CoO3-d compound near T-A approximate to 120 K. A correlation between crystal symmetry, magnetic structure, and the magnetic anomaly is discussed. At room temperature the compounds with x < 0.67 have orthorhombic crystal structure described by Imma space group. Crystal symmetry of these compounds reduces down to monoclinic (triclinic) one with a temperature decrease, whereas the crystal structure of the solid solutions with x > 0.7 remains orthorhombic at low temperatures. Increase of Fe percentage changes the magnetic properties of the compounds from ferromagnetic to cluster spin-glass, spin glass and then to anti ferromagnetic one. An existence of the magnetic feature is strongly dependent on the magnetic state of the compounds. The data obtained specify that a rearrangement of the bond lengths in rare-earth sublattice is responsible for the crystal structure modification and thus for the magnetic anomaly. (C) 2010 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim






Karpinsky, DV; Troyanchuk, IO; Chobot, GM; Efimov, VV; Prokhnenko, O; Sikolenko, V

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The work was supported by FCT (SFRH/BPD/42506/2007), BRFFI grant #F08R-157 and by the European Commission under the 6th Framework Program through the Key Action: Strengthening the European Research Area, Research Infrastructures Contract no.: RII3-CT-2003-505925 (NMI3).

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