Electrical properties of pulsed laser deposited Bi2Zn2/3Nb4/3O7 thin films for high K gate dielectric application


Metal Insulator Semiconductor (MIS) capacitors with monoclinic bismuth zinc niobate pyrocholre having the composition Bi2Zn2(/3)Nb(4/3)O(7) (m-BZN) dielectric layer were fabricated and characterized. Capacitance voltage (C-V) and current voltage measurements were utilized to obtain the dielectric properties, leakage current density and interface quality. The results shows that the obtained m-BZN thin films presents a high dielectric constant in between 30 and 70, a good interface quality with silicon and a leakage current density of 10 mu A/cm(2) for a field strength of 100 kV/cm which is acceptable for high performance logic circuits. The equilent oxide thickness for the films annealed at 200 A degrees C was 10 nm. These results suggest that m-BZN thin films can be potentially integrated as gate dielectric materials in CMOS technology.




Engineering; Materials Science; Physics


Sudheendran, K; Raju, KCJ

nossos autores



K.S acknowledge FCT Portugal (SFRH/BPD/66918/2009) and CSIR India (DSRF09/414(0768)/2008-EMR-I) for support.

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