High temperature dielectric properties of YMnO3 ceramics


The temperature dependence of the dielectric properties and ac conduction of YMnO3 ceramics annealed under different atmospheres is investigated from 25 to 700 degrees C. The origin of the dielectric anomalies is clarified. Two dielectric peaks in the permittivity accompanied by a single anomaly in the dielectric losses characterize the dielectric response. Simultaneously, three different regions can be distinguished in the temperature dependence of ac conductivity. Oxygen vacancies with an activation energy for the conduction of 1.13 eV are suggested to be responsible for the dielectric anomaly observed at < 400 degrees C. For temperatures > 400 degrees C, the dielectric data are influenced by conductivity and no ferroelectric anomaly is obvious. (C) 2011 American Institute of Physics. [doi:10.1063/1.3629996]






Tomczyk, M; Vilarinho, PM; Moreira, A; Almeida, A

nossos autores


The authors acknowledge financial support from FEDER, QREN, COMPETE, CICECO, and FCT within the project PTDC/CTM/67575/2006.

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