Nanoscale piezoresponse and magnetic studies of multiferroic Co and Pr co-substituted BFO thin films


Piezoresponse Force Microscopy (PFM) technique has been employed to acquire out-of-plane (OPP) piezoresponse images and local piezoelectric hysteresis loop in rhombohedrally distorted Bi1-xPrxFe1-yCoyO3 [x = 0, 0.05; y = 0.05] polycrystalline thin films fabricated via chemical solution deposition method. PFM images revealed that piezoelectric contrast is dependent upon the film composition. Furthermore, negative self-polarization effect was observed in the cobalt substituted BFO film. Well saturated local piezo-hysteresis loops were monitored and an increase was noticed in the piezoelectric coefficient (d(33)) value with cobalt doping (25.1 pm/V) whereas with Pr co-substitution in BFCO film, the piezoelectric behavior was almost suppressed. Pr and cobalt co-substituted film exhibited the lowest leakage current density. Magnetic behavior (M-H curves) exhibited nearly eight times enhancement in the saturation magnetization values in the Co- and Co-Pr substituted films. The present study provides the different elements' substitution effect on the local piezoelectric and magnetic properties of BiFeO3 multiferroic thin film. (C) 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.




Materials Science


Panwar, N; Coondoo, I; Tomar, A; Kholkin, AL; Puli, VS; Katiyar, RS

nossos autores


The authors N.P. and I.C. would like to thank Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) for their Postdoctoral grants through SFRH/BPD/71289/2010 and SFRH/BPD/81032/2011 respectively. The authors from the University of Puerto Rico would like to acknowledge DoD project grant W911NF-11-1-0204, USA.

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