Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium, Densities, and Interfacial Tensions of the System Hexane+2,5-Dimethylfuran


Vapor liquid equilibrium (VLE) data at isobaric conditions (50, 75, and 94) kPa and over the temperature range (331 to 364) K have been measured for the binary system hexane + 2,5-dimethylfuran using a dynamic VLE cell. Mixture densities were also determined at 298.15 K and atmospheric pressure with a vibrating tube densimeter, whereas atmospheric interfacial tension of the mixture was measured at 303.15 K using a maximum differential bubble pressure tensiometer. Because few experimental data are available; pure component vapor pressures, densities, and interfacial tensions have also been measured for 2,5-dimethylfuran over the temperature range (293 to 367) K. According to the reported experimental results, the entitled zeotropic mixture exhibits positive deviation from ideal behavior. The mixing volumes in turn, are positive over the whole mole fraction range. Finally, it is also experimentally observed that the interfacial tensions exhibit negative deviation from the linear behavior. The reported VLE data of the binary mixture are thermodynamically consistent according to Fredenlund's test and were well-correlated by classic activity coefficients (Wohl, nonrandom two-liquid, Wilson) and by the universal quasi-chemical model for all of the measured isobars. The Redlich-Kister equation was used to correlate the mixing volumes as well as interfacial tensions.




Thermodynamics; Chemistry; Engineering


Mejia, A; Segura, H; Cartes, M; Coutinho, JAP

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This work was financed by FONDECYT, Santiago, Chile (Project 1120228).

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