Stabilisation of CuO aqueous suspensions


Obtaining ceramic bodies with enhanced mechanical properties via colloidal processing requires efficient dispersion of the ceramic powders. In this work, the dispersive effect of three low molecular weight quaternary ammonium hydroxides with different alkyl groups upon stabilisation of CuO aqueous suspensions is studied and compared with that of Tiron (R), a compound based on the benzene molecule. The purpose is to illustrate the effect of molecular structure, size and charge location upon dispersing effectiveness. To access these parameters, rheological and electrophoretic measurements using both bare and surface charge modified CuO were made. Tiron (R) revealed to be the most efficient dispersant for CuO in water, rendering viscosity values below 1 Pa(.)s and the highest variation in zeta potential amplitude.




Materials Science


Guedes, M; Ferro, AC; Ferreira, JMF

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