Production of Bioactive Nano-Hydroxyapatite/Polysaccharide Composites for Bone Tissue Engineering


Porous K-carrageenan based composites with potential application in bone tissue engineering have been prepared by in situ co-precipitation of nanoparticles of calcium phosphates, followed by thermally induced gelification and freeze-drying. The scaffolds showed macroporous structure,with interconnected porosity. The variation of the biopolymer concentration affected the microstructure and compressive mechanical performance of the composites. The in vitro bioactivity was assessed by soaking the composites in simulated body fluid (SBF) and the formation of an apatite layer on their surface was found.




Engineering; Materials Science


Daniel-da-Silva, AL; Gil, AM; Correia, RN

nossos autores


The help of Dr. J. A. T. Lopes-da-Silva in the execution of the compressive mechanical tests is gratefully acknowledged. A. L. Daniel-da-Silva thanks to CICECO (University of Aveiro, Portugal) for supporting this work.

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