Waste Valorisation Using Ionic Liquids


Modern societies produce large amounts of waste of many different types. This presents a problem in terms of management or disposal to prevent harm to human health and the environment. Additionally it represents a loss of potentially useful resources. In the circular economy concept nothing would ever become waste because everything would be re-usable or its components recoverable. Ionic liquids provide a potential route for valorisation of different waste types, paving the way for a circular economy and a more sustainable world. Covering various types of waste, including municipal, industrial, electronic, and medical, while addressing patented and commercial applications, this book aims to deliver a comprehensive, but also critical, perspective on the application of ionic liquids towards waste valorisation. Waste Valorisation Using Ionic Liquids is a useful resource for academic and industrial players, in the fields of chemistry, chemical and environmental engineering, and biotechnology, as well as anyone working on waste management and resource recovery.


Francisca e Silva; Ana Sousa; Mara Freire; João Coutinho

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