Lignin applications in chemical sensing


This book is devoted to the recent advances in the development of artificial sensory systems widely known as Electronic Tongues (ET). The first publications in this area appeared about two decades ago, but until now this field is not fully mature. Much more efforts are necessary in the ET development and understanding of its working principle in order to reach the level of a reliable, albeit unusual, analytical instrument that was the ultimate aim of such research from the very beginning. The book can be suggested for a wide range of readers – from university students to the researchers. The Editors clearly understand that just as almost any book of this kind, the present one does not cover the whole range of advancements in the field, however it delivers some real steps forward of the ET technologies and applications described by prominent authors from all over the world. The book comprises nine chapters and each one is devoted to particular research direction in the modern ET. Various designs, sensor materials, transduction principles and applications are introduced and discussed in details. The book shows a screenshot of diverse research efforts in the Electronic Tongue field and will, hopefully, inspire new fruitful ideas and significant practical advances.


Rudnitskaya A, Evtuguin DV

our authors


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