Poly(lactic acid): Synthesis, structures, properties, processing and applications
authors Gonçalves, CMB, Coutinho, JAP, Marrucho, IM,
editors R Auras, LT Lim, SEM Selke and H Tsuji
chapter title Optical properties
abstract This book describes the synthesis, properties, and processing methods of poly(lactic acid) (PLA), an important family of degradable plastics. As the need for environmentally-friendly packaging materials increases, consumers and companies are in search for new materials that are largely produced from renewable resources, and are recyclable. To that end, an overall theme of the book is the biodegradability, recycling, and sustainability benefits of PLA. The chapters, from a base of international expert contributors, describe specific processing methods, spectroscopy techniques for PLA analysis, and and applications in medical items, packaging, and environmental use.
publisher Wiley
isbn 978-0470293669
year published 2010
beginning page 97
ending page 112