Terpenes: major sources, properties and applications


Turpentine, the volatile fraction of the so-called Naval Stores Industry is a complex mixture, mainly composed of monoterpenes. This chapter gives a general overview of the major sources of turpentine, its composition, and classical applications, including a systematic layout of the structure of terpenes. This is followed by a detailed discussion of the use of α- and β-pinene and other monoterpenes as monomers in conventional free radical and cationic homopolymerizations and copolymerizations, the latter involving other terpenes, monoterpene alcohols, or synthetic monomers. Finally, the living cationic and living radical homo- and co-polymerization of β-pinene are thoroughly examined in terms of mechanisms and macromolecular structures. Throughout, the properties and possible applications of the materials ensuing from each type of system are critically examined.


Silvestre AJD, Gandini A

our authors


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