Topics in Public Health
authors Elsa Dias, Fernando Garcia e Costa, Simone Morais and Maria de Lourdes Pereira
chapter title A Review on the Assessment of the Potential Adverse Health Impacts of Carbamate Pesticides
abstract Public health has been defined as the efforts of a community that allow a population to remain healthy. This definition is very inclusive, so elements of clinical care, health promotion and many other fields contribute to the larger discipline of public health. The profession has evolved in recent years, with the emphasis in the developed world changing from the hygiene method for control of infectious diseases to a more complex approach to address chronic disease. However, the focus in public health continues to be the population. This book provides a sample of fields that contribute to the public health profession. Its broad approach provides examples of the core fields of public health, including environmental health, epidemiology, biostatistics, health administration, and health behavior.
publisher InTech
isbn 978-953-51-2132-9
year published 2015
book digital object identifier (doi) 10.5772/59613

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