Raman Spectroscopy Applied to Health Sciences


Raman spectroscopy has remarkable analytical abilities to scientists who want to study biological samples. The use of Raman spectroscopy within biologic samples has been increasing in the last years because it can provide biochemical information, allows discrimination between two or more sample groups, and, contrary to what happens with other spectroscopic techniques, water has no interference in the spectra. Biological samples typically do not require extensive preparation, and biochemical and structural information extracted from spectroscopic data can be used to characterize different groups. This chapter presents the general features of Raman spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopic tools relevant to the application in health sciences. In order to emphasize the potential of Raman in this research field, examples of its application in oncology, in bacterial identification and in dementia diagnosis are given.


Magalhaes, S; Nunes, A

our authors

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