Hybrid Nanocomposites Based on Prussian Blue‐Type Nanoparticles Included into Polysaccharides Matrices


The physical and chemical properties of nanocomposite materials containing inorganic nanoparticles included into organic or inorganic matrices can be finely tuned for desired applications. This chapter is devoted to the description of hybrid nanocomposites based on Prussian blue‐type nanoparticles included in polysaccharides matrices, such as chitosan and alginate. They exhibit a high level of tailorability with regard to composition, size, and morphology of the nanoparticles, as well as with the nature and shape of the matrix and their interface. We give a brief overview of their synthesis and on the investigations of their magnetic, optical, and monocationic sorption properties.


Long, J. , Quignard, F. , Guari, Y. , Guibal, E. , Vincent, T. , Guérin, C. , Carlos, L. D. and Larionova, J.

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