Integrated optics structures on sol-gel derived organic-inorganic hybrids for optical communications


Organic-inorganic hybrid materials are a technologically key class of advanced multifunctional materials that fulfil the challenging strict requirements of the beginning of the century: higher levels of sophistication, miniaturisation, recyclability, reliability and low energy consumption with potential to be used as low-cost components in optical networks operating at high bit rates. In this work, high-rejection optical filters (19 dB) first-order Bragg gratings inscribed in channel waveguides written in thin films of sol-gel derived organic-inorganic hybrid based on methacrylic acid modified zirconium tetrapropoxide, Zr(OPrn)4, (so-called di-ureasils), using UV-laser direct-write method.


André PS, Vicente CMS, Fernandes V, Marques PG, Marques C, Pecoraro E, Nogueira RN, Wada N, Carlos LD, Ferreira RAS

our authors



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