Scanning Probe Microscopy - Electrical and Electromechanical Phenomena at the Nanoscale
authors Kholkin A L , Kalinin S V, Roelofs A
editors Kalinin SV, Gruverman A
chapter title Review of Ferroelectric Domain Imaging by Piezoresponse Force Microscopy
author keywords AFM - KLTcatalog - Microscopy - Nanotube - PED - Polymer - REM - STEM - STM - carbon nanotubes - electronics - mechanics - polymers - spectroscopy - ultrasound
abstract Scanning Probe Microscopy brings up to date a constantly growing knowledge base of electrical and electromechanical characterization at the nanoscale. This comprehensive, two-volume set presents practical and theoretical issues of advanced scanning probe microscopy (SPM) techniques ranging from fundamental physical studies to device characterization, failure analysis, and nanofabrication. Volume 1 focuses on the technical aspects of SPM methods ranging from scanning tunneling potentiometry to electrochemical SPM, and addresses the fundamental physical phenomena underlying the SPM imaging mechanism. Volume 2 concentrates on the practical aspects of SPM characterization of a wide range of materials, including semiconductors, ferroelectrics, dielectrics, polymers, carbon nanotubes, and biomolecules, as well as on SPM-based approaches to nanofabrication and nanolithography
publisher Springer
isbn 978-0-387-28667-9
year published 2007
beginning page 173
ending page 214

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