Extraction of value-added compounds from microalgae


Microalgae have been proposed as a multiproduct biorefinery feed stock. The algae-based biorefinery concept relies on the complete optimization process from the biomass production to processing and generating different products. Microalgae are composed of a high number of biocompounds with numerous applications. It has been pointed out by several researchers that one of the major process constraints in microalgae biorefineries is an efficient and cost-effective extraction process. Thus the optimization of integrated extraction processes (composed of effective pretreatment techniques followed by various extraction and purification process schemes) of bioproducts from microalgae has been the main goal of several research studies. This chapter will analyze the extraction of polysaccharides, carotenoids, chlorophylls, fatty acids, and proteins with major emphasis on the most used extraction methods, required pretreatment operations, and purification technologies to achieve feasible and sustainable products to be applied in different industrial sectors.


S.P.M Ventura, B.P. Nobre, F. Ertekin, M. Hayes, M. Garcia-Vaquero, F. Vieira, M. Koc, L. Gouveia, M.R. Aires-Barros, A.M.F. Palavra

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