Characterization and Analysis of Microplastics
authors Paulo Ribeiro Claro, Mariela M Nolasco, Catarina Araújo
editors Teresa A.P. Rocha-Santos, Armando C. Duarte
chapter title Characterization of Microplastics by Raman Spectroscopy
nationality International
author keywords Automated library search CARS Confounding factors Imaging Polymer identification Raman microscopy Review Sampling Subcellular level
abstract The chapter starts with a presentation of the theory and practice of Raman spectrsocopy. The strengths and limitations of this technique in the identification of microplastics are illustrated with selected examples from the literature. The current body of work in raman.
isbn 978-0-444-63898-4
year published 2017
beginning page 119
ending page 151
book digital object identifier (doi) 10.1016/bs.coac.2016.10.001

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