NMR Spectroscopy in Bitumen Characterization


Owing to its binding properties and hydrophobic nature, bitumen is commonly used for the construction of pavements and waterproof systems. Bitumens differ in their physical properties according to the nature of their crude oil sources, subsequent production processes and severity of the operating conditions. Bitumen properties are naturally related to its composition. Solid‐state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) techniques are generally used to determine the mass fractions of amorphous and crystalline phases in polymers, and thus the crystallinity. NMR imaging is a powerful non‐invasive technique widely used in medicine. NMR spectroscopy has gained increasing relevance in the area of structural and molecular characterization of complex compounds such as bitumen. NMR spectroscopy has been used to obtain detailed chemical information about the proton and carbon chemistry of neat bitumen and modified bitumens, in addition to their structure and rheological behaviour.


Varanda, C. , Portugal, I. , Ribeiro, J. , Silva, C. M. and Silva, A. M.

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