Nanomaterials for Healthcare, Energy and Environment
authors Bharmoria P., Ventura S.P.M.
editors Bhat A., Khan I., Jawaid M., Suliman F., Al-Lawati H., Al-Kindy S.
chapter title Optical Applications of Nanomaterials
nationality International
author keywords Nanomaterials Optical applications Quantum confinement effect Biosensing Photovoltaics
abstract Riding on their size tunable properties, “Nanomaterials” have emerged as darling materials of 21st century for plethora of practical applications including optical. The nonlinear optical properties and optical emission of nanomaterial’s, enhances with the decrease in particle size due to the “quantum confinement effect.” Therefore, the quantum mechanical effects emerge at the nanoscale which ultimately dictates the optical properties of nanomaterials. This book chapter will delineate the conceptual basis of optical applications of nanomaterials, subject to their size and material specific optical properties, including examples for conceptual demonstration. Considering the broad width of applications this book chapter is particularly focussed on biosensing and photovoltaic applications of nanomaterials.
publisher Springer
isbn 978-981-13-9833-9
year published 2019
beginning page 1
ending page 29
book digital object identifier (doi) 10.1007/978-981-13-9833-9_1

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