Encyclopedia of Magnetic Resonance
authors Mafra, L. and Klinowski, J.
editors R. K. Harris and R. Wasylishen
chapter title Advanced solid-state NMR techniques for the study of molecular sieves
abstract NMR and MRI have developed into two very different research and application areas with their own dynamic development. eMagRes (previously published as the Encyclopedia of Magnetic Resonance) captures every aspect of the interdisciplinary nature of magnetic resonance. Comprehensive coverage: Currently eMagRes has published over 1,100 articles written by more than 1,250 experts in the field. Updated quarterly: the addition of new articles and updates of existing articles ensures that eMagRes remains the most comprehensive, up-to-date reference in the field. eMagRes covers all the essential information on the science, methodologies, engineering, technologies, applications and the history of magnetic resonance. Encompasses a whole range of techniques, including: MRI, MRS, NMR and ESR. Navigate quickly and easily to the content you need: Articles are organized alphabetically by topic (under top-level headings MRI and NMR), as well as arranged chronologically, from 2012 onwards in Volumes and Issues, and prior to 2012 in annual supplements. High quality, relevant and topical articles are assured with a leading editorial board and global advisory board
publisher John Wiley & Sons
isbn 9780470034590
year published 2013
link http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/book/10.1002/9780470034590

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