William Facchinatto

Junior Researcher

Graduated in Chemistry Bachelor's degree with technological attribution in Materials, Master and PhD in Physical Chemistry at University of São Paulo, USP, Brazil. During his professional tragetory, he worked in an Academic Undergraduate Research position in the Polymer's Group Prof. Bernhard Gross at the São Carlos Institute of Physics, USP; a R&D Intership at the Research and Innovation Center from Rhodia SOLVAY Group, at the Paulínia's industrial complex; and was hired as Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemical and Food Engineering at the University Center of Barretos Educational Foundation, UNIFEB, Brazil. His PhD was developed at the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation, Embrapa Instrumentation, São Paulo, being also granted for a Research Technician position in the same institution. A period abroad as visiting researcher during his PhD was conducted at the Nanomedicines & Translational Drug Delivery Group of the Institute for Research and Innovation in Health (i3S), University of Porto, Portugal. Afterward, he was selected for developing a Postdoctoral Fellowship jointly with the Optics and Photononics Group at the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. More recently, was hired to fulfill a Postdoctoral Assistant Researcher position in the BioTeam Group of L'Institut de chimie et procédés pour l'énergie, l'environnement et la santé (ICPEES), Université de Strasbourg, UNISTRA, France. Nowadays, he carries his research interests related to the fields of Polymer Chemistry and Biofunctional Materials aiming for biomedical and environmental applications as First Level Doctorate Researcher at the BioPol4fun Group of Aveiro Institute of Materials, Department of Chemistry (CICECO), University of Aveiro, Portugal.


Effect of amylolysis on the formation, the molecular, crystalline and thermal characteristics and the digestibility of retrograded starches

Villas-Boas, Flávia; Facchinatto, William Marcondes; Colnago, Luiz Alberto; Volanti, Diogo Paschoalini; Franco, Celia Maria Landi
2020, Carbohydrate Polymers, 163.

Fast-forward approach of time-domain NMR relaxometry for solid-state chemistry of chitosan

Facchinatto, William Marcondes; dos Santos Garcia, Rodrigo Henrique; dos Santos, Danilo Martins; Fiamingo, Anderson; Flores, Douglas William Menezes; Campana-Filho, Sérgio Paulo; deAzevedo, Eduardo Ribeiro; Colnago, Luiz Alberto
2020, Carbohydrate Polymers, 256.

Bioproduction of N-acetyl-glucosamine from colloidal α-chitin using an enzyme cocktail produced by Aeromonas caviae CHZ306

Cardozo, Flávio Augusto; Facchinatto, William Marcondes; Colnago, Luiz Alberto; Campana-Filho, Sergio Paulo; Pessoa, Adalberto
2019, World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology, 35, 8.

Characterization and physical-chemistry of methoxypoly(ethylene glycol)-g-chitosan

Facchinatto, William Marcondes; Fiamingo, Anderson; dos Santos, Danilo Martins; Campana-Filho, Sergio Paulo
2018, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 124.

Self-aggregates of 3,6-O,O’-dimyristoylchitosan derivative are effective in enhancing the solubility and intestinal permeability of camptothecin

Silva, Daniella S.; Almeida, Andreia; Prezotti, Fabíola G.; Facchinatto, William M.; Colnago, Luiz A.; Campana-Filho, Sérgio P.; Sarmento, Bruno
2017, Carbohydrate Polymers, 177.

One-pot synthesis of poly-(3-hexylthiophene) with variable degrees of molar mass and regioregularity

Facchinatto, W. M.; Torres, B. B. M.; Balogh, D. T.
2016, Journal of Polymer Research, 23, 9.

Absolute photoluminescence quantum efficiency of P3HT/CHCl3 solution by Thermal Lens Spectrometry

Cruz, R.A.; Catunda, T.; Facchinatto, W.M.; Balogh, D.T. ;Faria, R.M.
2013, Synthetic Metals, 163.

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