Francisco Avelino Silva Freitas
  Assistant Professor  
  phone: 234 401 523  
  extension: 33 526  
  department: Chemistry  
  office: 29.1.36  
  group: 4 - biorefineries, biobased materials and recycling
  line: 3 - sustainability
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Short CV

Academic degrees: PhD in Chemical Engineering, (January 2000, Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto ): Cyclic Adsorption Processes: Application to Propane/Propylene Separation. MSc in Chemical Engineering (July 1992, Universidad Simón Bolívar): Modelaje de la Distribución de Sólidos en la Sección Cónica de Columnas de Burbujeo Trifásicas. Chemical Engineering (July 1989).

Professional occupations: 2003 to present    Assistant Professor    Aveiro University ;  2000 to 2003    Invited Assistant Professor  Aveiro University ; 1998 to 1999   Teaching Assistant  University of Porto ; 1995 to 1999    Researcher/Ph.D. Student    University of Porto; 1993 to 1994    Laboratory Coordinator of Transport Phenomena Section, Laboratory “A”    Simón Bolívar University ; 1992 to 1994    Assistant Professor    Simón Bolívar University ; 1990 to 1992    Researcher/MSc. Student    Simón Bolívar University; 1990 to 1991 Technical Consulter    Soteiven, Hysim (Old Hysys Process Simulator); July-September, 1987    Short Stage    MARAVEN, S.A., Caracas

Scientific interests
Teaching Activity

Teaching of fluid mechanics, modeling and simulation of chemical processes, advanced control and chemical engineering laboratories.

Selected Publications
  • Da Silva, F. A., Silva, J.A.C. e Rodrigues, A.E. “A General Package for the Simulation of Cyclic Adsorption Process´´, New Developments in Adsorption Process Design & Simulations, Los Angeles AIChE Meeting, (1997).
  • Davesac, R. R., Pinto, L. T., Da Silva, F. A., Ferreira, L. M. and Rodrigues, A. E., “A package for thermal parametric pumping adsorptive processes”, Chemical Engineering Journal,76(2), 115-125, (2000).
  • Da Silva, Francisco A. and Rodrigues, A. E., “Vacuum Swing Adsorption for Propylene/Propane Separation with 4A Zeolite”, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 40, 5758-5774, (2001).
  • Silva, Carlos M., Lito, P.F., Neves, P.S., Da Silva, F.A., PID Controller Design based on Transient Response Experiment. Chemical Engineering Education, Vol.42, No.2, Spring (2008).
  • Da Silva F., Francisco A., Thermolib: A middleware library for performing thermodynamic calculations, Thermodynamics 2009, Imperial College, London, UK, pág. 77, September 23-25, (2009).
  • Passos, C. P.; Coimbra, M. A.; Da Silva, F. A.; Silva, C. M., “Modelling the Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Edible Oils and Analysis of the Effect of Enzymatic Pre-treatments of Seed upon Model Parameters”, Chemical Engineering Research and Design (2010),, 89(7),1118-1125.
  • Magalhães, A. L.; Da Silva, F. A.; Silva, C. M. “New models for tracer diffusion coefficients of hard sphere and real systems: Application to gases, liquids and supercritical fluids”, J. of Supercritical Fluids, 55, (2011) 898-923
  • Silva, Sandra L.; Silva, Artur M. S.; Ribeiro, Jorge C.; Martins, Fernando G.; Da Silva, Francisco A.; Silva, Carlos M. Chromatographic and spectroscopic analysis of heavy crude oil mixtures with emphasis in nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy: A review. Analytica Chimica Acta, 707(1-2), (2011), 18-37.