Mengistie Leweyehu Debasu


Education and Degrees Awarded

  • PhD in Materials Science and Engineering, University of Aveiro, January 2010 - December 2013.

  • MSc in Materials Science (under Erasmus Mundus program), University of Aveiro, Aalborg University (Denmark) and Hamburg-Harburg University of Technology (Germany), September 2007 - July 2009.

  • MSc program in Physics, Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia), September 2006 - July 2007Coursework: Mathematical Methods of Physics, Statistical Mechanics, Classical Mechanics, Computational Physics, Quantum Mechanics I and Classical Electrodynamics.

  • Higher Diploma Licence as a Certified Professional Teacher Educator, Bahir Dar University (Ethiopia), September 2005 - July 2006

  • BEd in Physics minor Mathematics, Bahir Dar University, September 2000 - July 2004.

Employment and Teaching

  • Junior Researcher at CICECO-Aveiro Institute of Materials, University of Aveiro, January 2019 - Present.

  • Postdoctoral Researcher at CICECO, February 2014 - December 2018.

  • Lecturer, Department of Physics, Bahir Dar University, September 2009 - November 2009.

  • Assistant Lecturer, Department of Physics, Bahir Dar University, July 2006 - June 2007.

  • Graduate Assistant I and II, Department of Physics, Bahir Dar University, July 2004 - June 2006.


- BPD  FCT - (2014-12-01 – 2019-01-10) SFRH/BPD/93884/2013.

- BPD  CICECO - (2014-02-20 – 2014-11-30) BPD/UI89/6001/2014 - CICECO (Direção).

- BD – FCT- (2010-01-01 – 2013-12-20) SFRH/BD/67108/2009.

- MSc  Erasmus Mundus - (2007-09-19 – 2009-07-31).

journal referee

Journal of Luminescence; New Journal of Chemistry; Nanoscale; Materials Horizons; Journal of Materials Chemistry C; Chemical Communications; Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics; Nanotechnology; Dalton Transactions; RSC Advances; Molecular Systems Design & Engineering; Methods and Applications in Fluorescence; Journal of Alloys and Compounds; Ceramics International; Journal of Visualized Experiments; Langmuir; Sensors & Actuators: A. Physical; Materials Research Express.




Outstanding Reviewer Awards 2018Outstanding Reviewer for Nanotechnology and Methods and Applications in Fluorescence, IOP Publishing.

Publons Peer Review Awards 2018: named in the top 1% of reviewers in the fields of Physics and Chemistry, on Publons' global reviewer database.

Outstanding Reviewer Awards 2017: recognized as an Outstanding Reviewer for Nanotechnology in 2017, IOP Publishing.

- Outstanding Reviewer Recognitions (2017): awarded certificates of outstanding contribution in reviewing, by Elsevier, e.g., for Journal of Luminescence and Ceramics International. 

- Best Poster Award 2016 (1st Prize): Jornadas CICECO 2016, ENERGY-Trends and Future Challenges, Aveiro, Portugal, June 8 - 9.

- Best Poster Award 2015 (1st Prize): Jornadas CICECO 2015, NANOTECHNOLOGY ... FROM THE LAB TO THE INDUSTRY, Aveiro, Portugal, April 14 - 15.

Ongoing projects

  • FCT Ref. PTDC/FIS-OUT/31469/2017 (Principal Investigator). Funding: 221,702.30 €. Period: July 2018 - June 2021.

  • FCT Ref. PTDC/BTM-MAT/31794/2017 (Team Member, 15%). Funding: 235,080.68 €. Period: August 2018 - August 2021.

  • FCT Ref. PTDC/CTM-NAN/4647/2014 (Team Member, 70%). Funding 183,945.00 €. Period: July 2016 - June 2019.



3D sub-cellular localization of upconverting nanoparticles through hyperspectral microscopy

Silva, RN; Botas, AMP; Brandao, D; Bastos, V; Oliveira, H; Debasu, ML; Ferreira, RAS; Brites, CDS; Carlos, LD

Colloidal (Gd0.98Nd0.02)(2)O-3 nanothermometers operating in a cell culture medium within the first and second biological windows

Debasu, ML; Oliveira, H; Rocha, J; Carlos, LD
2020, JOURNAL OF RARE EARTHS, 38, 5, 483-491.

Decoding a Percolation Phase Transition of Water at similar to 330 K with a Nanoparticle Ruler

Brites, CDS; Zhuang, BL; Debasu, ML; Ding, D; Qin, X; Maturi, FE; Lim, WWY; Soh, D; Rocha, J; Yi, ZG; Liu, XG; Carlos, LD

Radiation-to-heat conversion efficiency in SrF2:Yb3+/Er3+ upconverting nanoparticles

Balabhadra, S; Debasu, ML; Brites, CDS; Ferreira, RAS; Carlos, LD
2018, OPTICAL MATERIALS, 83, 1-6.

The role of Li+ in the upconversion emission enhancement of (YYbEr)(2)O-3 nanoparticles

Debasu, ML; Riedl, JC; Rocha, J; Carlos, LD
2018, NANOSCALE, 10, 33, 15799-15808.

A cost-effective quantum yield measurement setup for upconverting nanoparticles

Balabhadra, S; Debasu, ML; Brites, CDS; Ferreira, RAS; Carlos, LD
2017, JOURNAL OF LUMINESCENCE, 189, 64-70.

Upconverting Nanoparticles Working As Primary Thermometers In Different Media

Balabhadra, S; Debasu, ML; Brites, CDS; Ferreira, RAS; Carlos, LD
2017, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, 121, 25, 13962-13968.

Instantaneous ballistic velocity of suspended Brownian nanocrystals measured by upconversion nanothermometry

Brites, CDS; Xie, XJ; Debasu, ML; Qin, X; Chen, RF; Huang, W; Rocha, J; Liu, XG; Carlos, LD
2016, NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY, 11, 10, 851-+.

Implementing luminescence thermometry at 1.3 mu m using (GdNd)(2)O-3 nanoparticles

Balabhadra, S; Debasu, ML; Brites, CDS; Rocha, J; Carlos, LD
2016, JOURNAL OF LUMINESCENCE, 180, 25-30.

Nanoplatforms for Plasmon-Induced Heating and Thermometry

Debasu, ML; Brites, CDS; Balabhadra, S; Oliveira, H; Rocha, J; Carlos, LD
2016, CHEMNANOMAT, 2, 6, 520-527.

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