João M. M. Rodrigues

Junior Researcher

Ongoing Supervisions



Exploring the spectral properties and potential applications of dimethylamine-modified porphyrin and chlorin dyes

Sara R.D. Gamelas, João M.M. Rodrigues, João P.C. Tomé, Leandro M.O. Lourenço
2024, Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry.

Natural Polymer-Polyphenol Bioadhesive Coacervate with Stable Wet Adhesion, Antibacterial Activity, and On-Demand Detachment

Margarida M. A. Sacramento, Mariana B. Oliveira, José R.B. Gomes, João Borges, Benjamin R. Freedman, David J. Mooney, João M.M. Rodrigues, João F. Mano
2024, Advanced Healthcare Materials.

In-Bath 3D Printing of Anisotropic Shape-Memory Cryogels Functionalized with Bone-Bioactive Nanoparticles

Edgar J. Castanheira, Luís P. G. Monteiro, Vítor M. Gaspar, Tiago R. Correia, João M. M. Rodrigues, João F. Mano
2024, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 16, 15.

Acidochromic Free-Standing Multilayered Chitosan-Pyranoflavylium/Alginate Membranes toward Food Smart Packaging Applications

Mariana Cunha, Victor de Freitas, João Borges, João F. Mano, João M. M. Rodrigues, Luís Cruz
2024, ACS Applied Polymers Materials.

Biomimetic Adhesive Micropatterned Hydrogel Patches for Drug Release

Katia R. Amaral; A. Sofia Silva, Lúcia F. Santos, Edgar J. Castanheira, Maria C. Mendes, Dora C.S. Costa, João M. M. Rodrigues, Joana Marto, João F. Mano
2023, Advanced Healthcare Materials.

Bioinspired Oxidation-Resistant Catechol-like Sliding Ring Polyrotaxane Hydrogels

M. Isabel Rial-Hermida, Dora C. S. Costa, Lan Jiang, João M. M. Rodrigues, Kohzo Ito, João F. Mano
2023, Gels, 9, 2.

In situ generated hemostatic adhesives: From mechanisms of action to recent advances and applications

Luís P.G. Monteiro, João M.M. Rodrigues, João F. Mano
2023, Biomaterials Advances, 155.

Self-Supporting Hyaluronic Acid-Functionalized G-Quadruplex-Based Perfusable Multicomponent Hydrogels Embedded in Photo-Cross-Linkable Matrices for Bioapplications

Vera Sousa, Adérito J. R. Amaral, Edgar J. Castanheira, Igor Marques, João M. M. Rodrigues, Vítor Félix, João Borges, João F. Mano
2023, Biomacromolecules, 24, 7.

Marine-origin polysaccharides-based free-standing multilayered membranes as sustainable nanoreservoirs for controlled drug delivery

Cristiana F. V. Sousa, Luís P. G. Monteiro, João M. M. Rodrigues, João Borges, João F. Mano
2023, Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 11.

Engineering natural based nanocomposite inks via interface interaction for extrusion 3D printing

João Rocha Maia, Edgar Castanheira, João M.M. Rodrigues, Rita Sobreiro-Almeida, João F. Mano
2023, Methods.

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