5 December 2023

BlueGlue technology submitted for international patent

BlueGlue technology submitted for international patent

The BlueGlue technology, developed by the COMPASS research group at CICECO/DQ and led by Professor João Mano, with the participation of researchers João Rodrigues, Mariana Oliveira, and Margarida Sacramento, promises to revolutionize the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries. This technology enables the development of a disruptive bioadhesive with biodegradability, antimicrobial activity, and biocompatibility even in humid environments.

Inspired by the behavior of marine organisms, BlueGlue has high potential applications not only in the mentioned industries but also in tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, among others. The use of these biomolecules will also bring economic and environmental benefits, allowing for waste reduction and ensuring the sustainable exploitation of natural resources.

The research group is currently working on scaling up the technology, having filed a national patent with international protection via the PCT.

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