Maria de Almeida Vasconcelos António

PhD Student


LSPR-Based Aptasensor for Rapid Urinary Detection of NT-proBNP

M. António; R. Vitorino; A. L. Daniel-da-Silva
2023, BIOSENSORS, 13(7), 736.

Gold Nanoparticle Probes for Colorimetric Detection of Plasma Galectin-3: A simple and rapid approach

M. António; T. Lima; R. Ferreira; M. Fardilha; J. M. Bastos; R. Vitorino; A. L. Daniel-da-Silva
2023, ANALYTICAL METHODS, 15, 2905-2914.

Interaction of Colloidal Gold Nanoparticles with Urine and Saliva Biofluids: An Exploratory Study

António, M., Lima, T., Vitorino, R., Daniel-da-Silva A.L.
2022, Nanomaterials.

Label-free dynamic light scattering assay for C-reactive protein detection using magnetic nanoparticles

Antonio, M; Lima, T; Vitorino, R; Daniel-da-Silva, AL

Gold nanoparticles-based assays for biodetection in urine

Antonio, M; Vitorino, R; Daniel-da-Silva, AL
2021, TALANTA, 230.
ISBN: 1873-3573

A simple aptamer-based colorimetric assay for rapid detection of C-reactive protein using gold nanoparticles

Antonio, M; Ferreira, R; Vitorino, R; Daniel-da-Silva, AL
2020, TALANTA, 214.
ISBN: 1873-3573

Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles for the Detection of C-Reactive Protein

Antonio, M; Nogueira, J; Vitorino, R; Daniel-da-Silva, AL
2018, NANOMATERIALS, 8, 4.

Porous Carrageenan-Derived Carbons for Efficient Ciprofloxacin Removal from Water

Nogueira, J; Antonio, M; Mikhalev, SM; Fateixa, S; Trindade, T; Daniel-da-Silva, AL
2018, NANOMATERIALS, 8, 12.

Hybrid nanoadsorbents for the magnetically assisted removal of metoprolol from water

Soares, SF; Simoes, TR; Antonio, M; Trindade, T; Daniel-da-Silva, AL

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