Andreia de Freitas Silva

Research Fellowship


Epoxidation catalysts prepared by encapsulation of molybdenum hexacarbonyl in UiO-66(Zr/Hf)-type metal-organic frameworks

Gomes, DP; Silva, AF; Gomes, AC; Neves, P; Valente, AA; Goncalves, IS; Pillinger, M

γ-Valerolactone synthesis from α-angelica lactone and levulinic acid over biobased multifunctional nanohybrid catalysts

Antunes, MM; Silva, AF; Fernandes, A; Valente, AA
2022, CATALYSIS TODAY, 394, 268-281.

Renewable bio-based routes to gamma-valerolactone in the presence of hafnium nanocrystalline or hierarchical microcrystalline zeotype catalysts

Antunes, MM; Silva, AF; Fernandes, A; Pillinger, M; Ribeiro, F; Valente, AA
2022, JOURNAL OF CATALYSIS, 406, 56-71.

Catalytic Transfer Hydrogenation and Acid Reactions of Furfural and 5-(Hydroxymethyl)furfural over Hf-TUD-1 Type Catalysts

Antunes, MM; Silva, AF; Bernardino, CD; Fernandes, A; Ribeiro, F; Valente, AA
2021, MOLECULES, 26, 23.
ISBN: 1420-3049

Optimization of continuous-flow heterogeneous catalytic oligomerization of 1-butene by design of experiments and response surface methodology

Silva, AF; Neves, P; Rocha, SM; Silva, CM; Valente, AA
2020, FUEL, 259.
ISBN: 1873-7153

Olefin oligomerisation over nanocrystalline MFI-based micro/mesoporous zeotypes synthesised via bottom-up approaches

Silva, AF; Fernandes, A; Antunes, MM; Ribeiro, MF; Silva, CM; Valente, AA
2019, RENEWABLE ENERGY, 138, 820-832.

Catalytic Conversion of 1-butene over Modified Versions of Commercial ZSM-5 to Produce Clean Fuels and Chemicals

Silva, AF; Fernandes, A; Antunes, MM; Ribeiro, MF; Silva, CM; Valente, AA
2019, CHEMCATCHEM, 11, 16, 4196-4209.
ISBN: 1867-3899

Mesostructured Catalysts Based on the BEA Topology for Olefin Oligomerisation

Silva, AF; Fernandes, A; Neves, P; Antunes, MM; Rocha, SM; Ribeiro, MF; Silva, CM; Valente, AA
2018, CHEMCATCHEM, 10, 13, 2741-2754.

TUD-1 type aluminosilicate acid catalysts for 1-butene oligomerisation

Silva, AF; Fernandes, A; Antunes, MM; Neves, P; Rocha, SM; Ribeiro, MF; Pillinger, M; Ribeiro, J; Silva, CM; Valente, AA
2017, FUEL, 209, 371-382.

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