NORM4BUILDING - NORM for Building materials
funding type European Comission
programme COST Actions
alternative reference TU1301
research group(s) 4 - biorefineries, biobased materials and recycling;
department Materials and Ceramic Engineering (DEMaC)
execution dates 2013-09-19 - 2017-09-18 ( 48 Months )
The main objective of the COST Action is the exchange of multidisciplinary knowledge and experiences (radiological, technical, economical, legislative, ecological) to stimulate the reuse of NORM residues in new tailor-made sustainable building materials in the construction sector while considering exposure to external gamma radiation and the resulting indoor air quality.

To deliver a practical evaluation of develop options for new tailor-made types of building materials to reuse NORM residues.
To develop a data base with best practices for reuse of NORM residues in building materials.
To evaluate and develop practical measurement protocols, if possible in situ measurement methods, to determine the indicators for the verification of the radiological impact of newly developed building materials containing NORM. A complementary secondary objective is to support standardization efforts of measurement protocols which is especially needed for in situ measurement methods.
To develop realistic radiological impact assessment models for the reuse of NORM residues in building materials.
To evaluate the concordance and applicability of current radioprotection legislations with usage of NORM residues in building materials and the related impact on both gamma radiation exposure and indoor air quality.
To disseminate this knowledge to construction and NORM processing industry, consumers, national governments as well as to international agencies such as WHO and IAEA.
To develop a practical guidance for industry to address questions and comments regarding the EU-BSS linked to the processing of NORM in building materials. This Action aims at providing answers, double checked with the European Commission.
/local pi
João António Labrincha Batista
ciceco status Partner
proponent institution Universiteit Hasselt (Belgium)
partner institution(s) knowledge centres from 20 EU member states
industrial partner(s) yes
international partner(s) yes