Controlled synthesis of morphological well-defined BiVO4 pigment particles supported on glass substrates


An overview of the chemical strategies developed in our laboratories to obtain well-defined BiVO4 particles is presented. The methods rely on the thermal treatment (including hydrothermal conditions) of aqueous solutions containing bismuth(III) cations, vanadium(V) species and organic ligands. The use of distinct polyaminocarboxylates and cyclodextrins as possible morphological modifiers was investigated, NMR spectroscopic techniques were applied to the distinct chemical baths in order to have a better insight on the nature of the solute precursors.

subject category

Materials Science


Cruz, SG; Girginova, PI; Neves, MC; Smolka, P; Kusak, R; Caldeira, M; Teixeira-Dias, J; Pedrosa, J; Trindade, T

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