Finite element modelling of the mechanics of discrete carbon nanotubes filled with ZnS and comparison with experimental observations


The mechanical response to a uniaxial compressive force of a single carbon nanotube (CNT) filled (or partially-filled) with ZnS has been modelled. A semi-empirical approach based on the finite element method was used whereby modelling outcomes were closely matched to experimental observations. This is the first example of the use of the continuum approach to model the mechanical behaviour of discrete filled CNTs. In contrast to more computationally demanding methods such as density functional theory or molecular dynamics, our approach provides a viable and expedite alternative to model the mechanics of filled multi-walled CNTs.



subject category

Materials Science


Monteiro, AO; Costa, PMFJ; Cachim, PB

our authors



We acknowledge financial support from the COMPETE-FEDER program and FCT to the project PTDC/EME-PME/112073/2009 and PEst-C/CTM/LA0011/2011 which allowed us to achieve this work.

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