Formation of self-assembled pattern of glycine microcrystals: experiment and computer simulation


The films of glycine consisting of isolated microcrystals were prepared by spin coating and drying of the aqueous solution. Drying leads to dewetting (arising and growth of the holes) and formation of quasi-regular arrays of microcrystals that form the net structure consisting of Voronoi cells. The time dependence of the hole boundary velocity leading to formation of the straight net segments was proposed. Numerical model of hole nucleation and growth by boundary motion was proposed for the computer simulation. The coincidence of the simulated structures obtained within Kolmogorov alpha-model with experimental structures confirmed the validity of proposed approach.



subject category

Materials Science; Physics


Shur, VY; Bykov, DA; Romanyuk, KN; Rumyantsev, EL; Kadushnikov, RM; Mizgulin, VV; Seyedhosseini, E; Kholkin, AL

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