Magnetic Diagram of the High-Pressure Stabilized Multiferroic Perovskites of the BiFe1-yScyO3 Series
authors Fertman, EL; Fedorchenko, AV; Cizmar, E; Vorobiov, S; Feher, A; Radyush, YV; Pushkarev, AV; Olekhnovich, NM; Stanulis, A; Barron, AR; Khalyavin, DD; Salak, AN
nationality International
journal CRYSTALS
author keywords high-pressure synthesis; conversion polymorphism; oxygen octahedral tilting; G-type antiferromagnetic; weak ferromagnetism; collinear magnetic ground state
abstract Magnetic properties of the high-pressure stabilized perovskite BiFe1-yScyO3 phases (0.1 <= y <= 0.9) have been studied by means of magnetization measurements and neutron diffraction. The metastable perovskites of this series undergo irreversible polymorphic transformations upon annealing, the phenomenon referred to as conversion polymorphism. It has been found that the solid solutions with y >= 0.70 exhibit no long-range magnetic ordering regardless of their polymorph modification, while those with y <= 0.60 are all antiferromagnets. Depending on the scandium content, temperature and structural distortions, three types of the antiferromagnetic orderings, involving collinear, canted and cycloidal spin arrangements, have been revealed in the phases obtained via conversion polymorphism and the corresponding magnetic phase diagram has been suggested.
publisher MDPI
issn 2073-4352
year published 2020
volume 10
issue 10
digital object identifier (doi) 10.3390/cryst10100950
web of science category Crystallography; Materials Science, Multidisciplinary
subject category Crystallography; Materials Science
unique article identifier WOS:000584568600001
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