PCF-based plasmonic sensor for the detection of cervical and skin cancer cell


In this article, Photonic crystal fiber (PCF) based surface plasmon resonance (SPR) sensor is proposed for detecting cancerous cells like Hela for cervical cancer and Basal for skin cancer. The numerical analysis and simulation of the designed biosensor is carried out using the finite element method in conjunction with a layer that is perfectly matched. The PCF sensor based on SPR has a gold layer for the plasmonic effect and a nanolayer of TiO2 to form an adhesion layer in between the gold and silica. The sensor can detect an analyte's refractive index (RI) between 1.360 and 1.392 for two distinct cancerous cell types (Hela and Basal). The proposed biosensor's performance is evaluated using amplitude and wavelength investigation techniques. This study achieves the wavelength sensitivity of 6250 nm/RIU, 5000 nm/RIU, and the amplitude sensitivity of 909.05 RIU−1, 505.53 RIU−1 for Hela and Basal cells, respectively. The results show that the proposed sensor is suitable for real-time biosensing applications. © 2023 The Author(s)


Jain S.; Choudhary K.; Kumar A.; Marques C.; Kumar S.

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