Label-free plasmonic immunosensor for cortisol detection in a D-shaped optical fiber


Measuring cortisol levels as a stress biomarker is essential in many medical conditions associated with a high risk of metabolic syndromes such as anxiety and cardiovascular diseases, among others. One technology that has a growing interest in recent years is fiber optic biosensors that enable ultrasensitive cortisol detection. Such interest is allied with progress being achieved in basic interrogation, accuracy improvements, and novel applications. The development of improved cortisol monitoring, with a simplified manufacturing process, high reproducibility, and low cost, are challenges that these sensing mechanisms still face, and for which solutions are still needed. In this paper, a comprehensive characterization of a D-shaped fiber optic immunosensor for cortisol detection based on surface plasmon resonance (SPR) enabled by gold coating is reported. Specifically, the sensor instrumentation and fabrication processes are discussed in detail, and a simulation with its complete mathematical formalism is also presented. Moreover, experimental cortisol detection tests were performed for a detection range of 0.01 to 100 ng/mL, attaining a logarithmic sensitivity of 0.65 ± 0.02 nm/log(ng/mL) with a limit of detection (LOD) of 1.46 ng/mL. Additionally, an investigation of signal processing is also discussed, with the main issues addressed in order to highlight the best way to extract the sensing information from the spectra measured with a D-shaped sensor. © 2022 Optica Publishing Group.


SOARES M.S.; SILVA L.C.B.; Vidal M.; Loyez M.; Facao M.; Caucheteur C.; SEGATTO M.E.V.; COSTA F.M.; Leitao C.; PEREIRA S.O.; SANTOS N.F.; MARQUES C.A.F.

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