Barium metaplumbate thin film electrodes for ferroelectric devices


Barium metaplumbate thin films were deposited in situ by pulsed laser deposition on Si/SiO2 and Si/SiO2/Ti/Pt substrates between 400degreesC and 700degreesC. Films prepared at low temperature (less than or equal to500degreesC) over platinum were randomly oriented. For depositions made at 2x10(-2) mbar of oxygen, the films were oriented (110) for all temperatures, while at 0.1 mbar the films were oriented (110) at 500degreesC, changing to a mixed (222)/(200) orientation above 550degreesC. The conductivity of BaPbO3 reached values of 5.6x10(-5) Omega cm. The films deposited directly over silica were polycrystalline for temperatures above 500degreesC, having a strong (110) orientation only at 700degreesC. The orientation of BaPbO3 deposited either on silica or platinum, was reflected on the PZT films deposited at room temperature over BaPbO3 and crystallized by different thermal treatments. PZT capacitors made over BaPbO3 presented high values of remnant polarization (up to 44 muC/cm(2)).



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Materials Science; Physics


Mardare, AI; Mardare, CC; Joanni, E; Fernandes, JRA; Vilarinho, PM; Kholkin, AL

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